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Black Hair Care Tips: The Secret of Healthy Black Hair Finally Revealed!

Black hair care product tips
Stimul-X Hair Growth System 
Healthy black hair is considered by far the most beautiful hair to most people. We are presenting some black hair care tips to make your black hair look consistently gorgeous.

Natural Styling
Style the way you want. But being natural is the secret of healthy, lustrous, shiny black Hair. Avoid excessive styling and chemicals.

Natural Diet

Fill your diet with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lot of water and have foods high in Vitamin A, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Iron, Iodine, and Copper.

Pamper your hair with Regular Massage
Strengthen your Black hair. Massage your hair gently with natural hair oils and avoid using any Mineral Oil base hair care product.

Natural Wash
Do not shampoo your black hair daily. This would remove the essential oils from your hair and lead to hair damage. Always use a natural shampoo and towel dry gently. Use Warm Water and not Hot / Cold Water to wash your hair. Use a natural rinse hair conditioner and comb with a wide tooth comb.

Look Gorgeous with Ideal Hair cuts and Hair Styles
According to your Face Shape. A Proper Hair Style can make your face look more symmetrical and enhance your natural features.

Healthy Scalp, Beautiful Hair
Dandruff is the biggest enemy of Healthy Black Hair. Don't let Dandruff take away that shine and luster from your hair. Use any Black hair care product that provide you with a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Mineral Oil based products Lubricate hair and scalp ... no conditioning or moisturizing occurs!
What damages the hair the most is chemicals from perms, relaxers and dyes. And, of course, constant heat drys out moisture from hair, then heat damage can occur much easier. That is why only natural oils that actually can penetrate into hair shaft, can remoisturize and protect against heat damage. Moisturize your hair and scalp. DO NOT LUBRICATE!

NEVER USE Oil Based Shampoo
Shampoo having oils is not good for your black hair. It will give a residue build up and work against any cleaning action a shampoo might have and leave a mix of dirt and oil on scalp and a residue film on the hair with oil free being the best.

Stay away from Sodium Laurel Sulfate products
Always look for ammonium lureal based products. They cause less irration to the scalp due to a larger molecular structure, less penetration into pores. Shampoos are not made for conditioning or moisturizing, they are made for cleaning action. Always shampoo and rinse. Never leave shampoo on hair for very long.

The Secret lies in using black hair care product that is Natural, contains no mineral oil or Harmful Chemicals, and provide your black hair, care, shine and natural growth. Nubian Silk Stimul-X hair growth system is the right choice for you. Available at selected stores near you.

if you would like further information on Black hair care products, feel free to contact us anytime. Good luck!

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