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Hair health and black hair care products " Say NO to Mineral Oil "
Use 100% Natural, Nubian Silk Hair Oil

Wild Growth Hair Oil for stimulating hair growth is derived from the basic Ayurveda Materia Medica (All Natural Holistic remedies) which promotes hair growth and stimulates hair follicle to grow new Stronger Healthier Hair.

Nubian Silk hair oil strengthens hair and restores elasticity, prevents hair-fall and reduces baldness and thinning of hair with regular use. Our wild growth hair oil has absolutely no fillers like mineral oil which cannot be absorbed by your hair or skin, basically all mineral oil does is work as a lubricant.

Mineral Oil is a by product derived from petroleum in the process of making gasoline. So why do so many hair oil products use it so much? Well for one it is the cheapest ingredient on the market, it never goes rancid (spoils) and is very stable. However, if used in hair oil, all it does is plug up your pores and
can't be absorbed by your hair, so it gives each strand of hair a coating that makes it shine, does nothing for hair growth or conditioning just a plastic shine look (lubricating affect).
Nubian Silk Stimulating, hair growth oil
is the finest Hair Oil product on the market today, It is 100% All Natural Botanical Oils with absolutely no fillers, All the Hair Oils have different properties that do everything from moisturize to increase strength and elasticity of your hair. Nubian Silk Wild Growth Hair Oil is not only great for your hair but excellent for your scalp. Most of our African American customers use it not only on their Black hair but as a moisturizer for the whole body. See how soft & supple your skin will feel. and how strong and full your nails become.

The Problem:

The working Mechanism According to modern dermatology and Asian medical theory, hair loss is mainly
caused by:
1) Insufficient blood supply to the scalp, and malnutrition in the hair root,
2) Excessive sebum in the scalp which causes pore clogging and inhibits growth. So you are loosing hair at a faster rate than you are replacing with new hair growth.
3) Increased DH testosterone levels, treated only by hormone therapy.

Adding to all those problems people are using hair styling, hair coloring methods, and chemical relaxers which fry and strip their hair even more protective oils and natural moisturizers.

Nubian Silk Hair Health Formulas promote hair growth by working at the scalp and root of the problem. Our Hair Growth Oil promotes Cleaning, unclogging pores, by adding Botanical Oils and a herbal complex enriched with vitamins and vital nutrients directly to follicles. Proper nutrition of hair and scalp are essential in order to promote healthier, longer, stronger, and a more lustrous head of hair.

Nubian Silk hair oil is an ideal black hair care product that works perfectly well on all kinds of African American hair whether short hair or long hair, dreadlocks, braided, pressed, permed, or natural hair. Stimul-X hair growth oil helps you tame frizzy hair, restores luster and shine, gives you a healthy scalp, repairs damaged hair, prevents hair loss, rejunuvates and promotes hair growth in such a way that you are sure to fall in love with your hair.

Nubian Silk Hair oil helps create a stronger base to facilitate the Natural hair growth. These combined effects generate hair by revitalizing dormant hair follicles to grow stronger, keep your existing healthy Black hair, and prevent the loss of existing hair. Beware of hair care products that are full of mineral oil, petroleum or water.

Your best bet is the back of the bottle and not the front...Ingredients list. If you see Mineral Oil, Water, waxes or chemical names to long to pronounce then buy it for lubricating your clippers but dont put it on your hair.

Credit cards that we accept for black hair care products

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