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Stimul-X Hair Growth System

Stimul-X Growth System: Black hair care products that Nubian Silk offers
Stimul-X Growth System
Best Natural Hair Oil Treatment Ever!

About Stimul-X Hair Growth Oil
Our EXOTIC formula of all natural notanical oils, herbal extracts, vitamins & minerals.

This wild growth hair oil will not only boost hair growth and repair but condition stressed, weak hair with a pro-root stimulator. No frizz or tangles!  Penetrate & Moisturize your hair!

 " Don't lubricate your hair with Petroleum based products"
Black hair care product: Stimul-X Growth Oil


Stimul-X Hair Growth Oil Pro-Root Formula-4.25 FLOZ. Price = $9.95



Guaranteed to Increase Your Hair Growth and Overall Hair Health in 30 Days or Less!!

"How To USE :  Scroll down to the bottom of page"

Black hair care product: Therap-X Shampoo
Therap-X Shampoo

For Hair So Healthy that it Will Feel Like Silk. Containing an Exclusive Pro Vitamin & Herbal Complex with Panthenol /Juguar Condtioners which will Restore the Luster to Dull, Tired Hair. A Volume Booster that will Penetrate Hair Follicles & Work from the Inside Out. Real Cleansing & Easy Clean Rinsing...No oily residues like most ethnic shampoos that leave all your pores plugged up with Glycerin and Oils. Lift the Dirty Build up off your scalp and let the pores breath! Then Moisturize with Stimul-X Oil or Conditioner.

Therap-X Pro-Root Formula Shampoo - 12 FL OZ.         Price = $7.95


Black hair care product: X-treme Thera-Silk Conditioner X-treme Thera-Silk Conditioner

The Softest Conditioning formula today, provides natural Antioxidants, Vital Nutrients and an Exotic Herbal Blend to Strengthen, Moisturize and protect your hair while increasing manageability. Can be used and rinsed off after shampooing or as a leave in Conditioner if not using hair oils afterward.

X-treme Thera-Silk Conditioner - 12 FL OZ.         Price = $7.95


Black hair care product: X-Treme Silk Sheen

X-treme Silk Sheen

The finest quality glossifier sheen on the market today, the difference is known immediately when you apply Nubian Silk's X-treme Silk Sheen, the stylist that use it swear by it. Finally a Silk Sheen which softens, moisturizes, conditions and seals all hair types of black hair, brown or blond you will not be dissapointed, eliminates frizz adds a perfect shine to your hair!

Nubian Silk offers an optimum solution for African American Hair Care. Our Exclusive Exotic Herbal Enriched Formula is Great for Natural and Synthetic Hair. Silk Sheen is a Silicone base that wont weigh your hair down and prevents heavy build up, No oil stains on clothes and goes on dry so your hair is not attracting dirt and dust all day. Keeps wigs/extensions/braids and natural or synthetic hair looking fresh with that perfect shine.

Say Good bye to Frizzy Hair and tangle problems. Sealant locks in moisture to protect against damage from hot irons or dryers. makes styling much more pleasant ...and remember it is a great sealer for nails too ...they let your nails look wet all day long but there dry to the touch.


The # 1 rated Preimer Silk Sheen on the market today.

No Oil Sheen can shine sooo bright !

X- treme Silk Sheen - 8 FL OZ.    Price = $8.95


Stimul-X Hair Growth Oil

(“triple Concentrated”)


 ( 1st Shake Well! ) Stimul-X Hair Growth Oil is Highly Concentrated! So a little is all you need.  Use a Very Small Amount!  Place a nickel amount of Hair Oil in the palm of your hand and rub hands together, then apply to hair one section at a time. For Increased Nutrients and Growth 2 to 3 drops directly onto scalp 3 to 4 times a week, will help eliminate itchiness, flakiness and strengthen roots while providing moisture to the scalp and Vital Nutrients to increase blood flow & Stimulate Root for increased hair production.

If applying Hair Oil at night best to wear cap or wrap hair so as not to stain pillows & sheets. Stimul-X Hair Growth Oil is a multi purpose Wild Growth Hair Oil with all natural ingredients including Herbs & Vitamins and is an excellent moisturizer for Skin, Hands, Feet & Nail health. This is the most powerful moisturizer you will find. Use Oil before flat ironing or adding heat for better results & increased protection from heat damage.

For added shine & softer locks use X-treme Silk Sheen after using Hair Oil for locking in Moisture & Higher Glossy look.  X-Sheen is also a Sealer/Conditioner for the final Finish for Nails, High glossy finish without the wetness or mess of oil or mineral oil based sheens.


Use Hair Oil as Hot Oil treatment for added help for extremely Damaged Hair.

Apply Hair Oil with your hands on towel dried to lightly damp hair sections at a time, use more than you normally would to semi saturate hair. Do not apply directly to scalp, this might cause buttery like caking from fatty oils such as the shea butter & coconut Oil.

You can put on a plastic cap and set under warm dryer for 20 minutes for X-treme Therapeutic conditioning. Then towel dry excess Hair Oil from hair and style or comb thru.


(Oil & Water Do Not mix well ! ) 

“Recommended to use a colored towel so as not to permanently stain towel “.

Note: If you get any buttery like caking on scalp ..that means you used too much hair oil and you applied it directly to scalp rather than applying by hand to hair sections at a time method. Your scalp and hair were over saturated and the fatty oils such as the Shea butter and Coconut oil solidified.  NOT TO WORRY !! Too remove with ease add heat (blow dryer) and use towel to absorb excess oil off scalp. repeat two to three times until excess is absorbed.

Best Technique for applying Stimul-X Hair Growth Oil is to always put Oil on palm of hands and work into hair sections at a time rather than directly pouring on scalp.


“Pouring directly on scalp causes caking & concentrates Hair Oil in one area”

Everyone's hair has different absorption rates so it is always best to start slowly by applying a little at a time to determine what is best for you. You are the best

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee !  IF these products are not the finest quality black hair care products on the market . We will buy them back from you!

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"Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee, Your Hair will be Noticeably Stronger, Longer and Overall Healthier in 30 days or less, or your money back!"